About Us

We are Javissoft

Javissoft creates software for games, websites, and mobile applications. These are some of Javissoft's past creations or partners:

Dragon's Dilemma
A satirical visual novel starring a grumpy dragon who's forced to go on an adventure when a quest is created to slay him. Complete your own quest to redeem yourself and stop the adventurers who are hunting you. Not that they stand a chance. View Privacy Policy

Favor Chess
Your Army, your rules. Favor Chess is a chess-like game for Steam on PC, created using Unity. Assemble your own army from over 50 unique pieces and play against opponents online. Play for free on Steam with Mac or Windows! View Privacy Policy

Treasure Gnome
Treasure Gnome is a game for Android Phone, created using Unity. Become a daring adventurer and brave randomly generated mazes filled with traps and monsters to amass your fortune! View Privacy Policy

Heart Target Calculator 2017
Heart Target Calculator 2017 is a great tool for Physical Therapists and OTs. It saves time by calculating a patient's maximum heart rate and then their target heart range for therapy based on input from the user.

Monster Generator
Monster Generator is an open source tool for D&D Pathfinder Game Masters, it creates monster statistics based on what powers and challenge rating the monster should have. It can generate random monsters instantly or save time by allowing a game master to craft appropriately balanced monsters.

Fantasy Event Generator
Fantasy Event Generator is a web tool that can generate random events to spice up tabletop RPGs. It helps the Game Master keep things fresh for the players and generates some very unpredictable results that are still in the realm of possibility.

Explorer's Guild Publishing
Explorer's Guild Publishing offers modules, one-shot adventures, and rules suppliments for Dungeons and Dragons and other TTRPG games, as well as running their own youtube channel with short skits related to fantasy gaming.

Creative Media System
Creative Media System creates websites for small businesses and individuals who need a professional look. They use wordpress, php, and javascript to bring your web page alive and modern designs to help users.