• Dragon's Dilemma Launched and Live on Steam!
    Dragon's Dilemma has finished development and is now available on Steam. Backers have recieved their game keys. Thank you for your support and patience along the way. Explorer's Guild Publishing (visible at their website) was a partner for the project and provided the writing.
    See the Dragon's Dilemma Store page to get the game or add to wishlist.

  • Dragon's Dilemma Kickstarter Funded
    The kickstarter for Dragon's Dilemma was successfully funded! Thank you for all the support in making this project come to life. We'll be working on making the game a reality over the coming months to be sure that it meets expectations.
    See the Dragon's Dilemma Kickstarter page for more information and monthly updates.

  • Dragon's Dilemma Kickstarter Opened
    The kickstarter for Dragon's Dilemma has launched! Play as the dragon Borgash in a quest to clear your (moderately) good name.
    See the Dragon's Dilemma Kickstarter page for more information.

  • Favor Chess Patch 1.05 Launched
    Patch 1.05 has been released! Ai Skirmish was changed to 'Local Skirmish', and allows ai and players as both sides. 3 new pieces have been added to the game, and several other improvements.
    See the patch notes for more information.

  • Favor Chess Patch 1.04 Launched
    Patch 1.04 has been released! 3 new pieces have been added to the game as well as several bug fixes. The board edit mode was also improved and players can now turn off domain victory in custom games.
    See the patch notes for more information.

  • Favor Chess Patch 1.02 Launched
    The 1.02 patch for Favor Chess is here! This patch adds 5 pieces to the game, allows players to login with Steam instead of javissoft, adds ranks for players to display based on their ranked rating, and more!
    See the patch notes for more information.

  • Favor Chess Launch Date
    Favor Chess is launching on Steam May 3rd! Join the Discord to talk with other players here: Official Discord Invite

  • Release Trailer for Favor Chess
    Getting near to the release date now! The official Favor Chess release trailer has been posted to Youtube here: Release Trailer



  • Favor Chess
    Use an army and powers of your choice to play chess like you've never experienced it before. All the same strategic elements of chess are combined with variety and a few changes to rules to ensure there aren't draws, memorization isn't required, there aren't super-strong ais you can use to cheat, and the game is just more interesting!
    Join the Discord server to chat with other players, hear the latest news, and participate in community events!
    Get it on Steam: Favor Chess
    Join the Discord: Official Discord Invite

  • Heart Target Calculator 2017
    Physical therapy can be made simpler by using this calculator app to determine the target heart rate for patients. Simply supply the patient's information and the app will do the math for you, which allows you to spend more time with your patient or even help yourself plan workouts.
    Available for Android Phone here: Heart Target Calculator 2017

  • Treasure Gnome
    Treasure Gnome is a top-down adventure game for android phone where you play as a daring gnome exploring and looking for gold. Evade traps and monsters to get rich in this addictive mobile game!
    You can get Treasure Gnome for free here: Treasure Gnome